Ethical Standards

Research published in the International Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries must have been conducted in accordance with institutional, national and international guidelines concerning the use of animals in research and/or the sampling of endangered species. For the policies on research and publication ethics that are not stated in these instructions, the Guidelines on Good Publication Practice can be applied (available from: static/1999/1999pdf13.pdf).

Please include a declaration at the end of the acknowledgements that the experiments complied with the current laws of the country in which the experiments were performed.

The IJTHF editor-in-chief reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements. The author will be held responsible for false statements or failure to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.


All authors must have participated in the research and/or article preparation. Individuals listed as authors must: 1) agree to be listed; 2) have contributed to the research reported; 3) approve the submitted version of the manuscript.


Conflict of Interest Statement

The corresponding author must inform the editor of any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the authors’ interpretation of the data. Examples of potential conflicts of interest are financial support from or connections to pharmaceutical companies, political pressure from interest groups, and academically related issues. In particular, all sources of funding applicable to the study should be explicitly stated.

Originality and Duplicate Publication

The authors assure that no substantial part of the work has been published in print or electronic format or is under consideration for any other publication. No part of the accepted manuscript should be duplicated in any other scientific journal without the permission of the Editorial Board. If duplicate publication related to the papers of this journal is detected, the authors will be announced in the journal, their institutes will be informed, and there will be penalties for the authors.